Google Feud 

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Google Feud is an online game in which you can play with friends to guess the given phrase as Google auto-completes the phrase and you can get the highest score depending on how the entered phrase is most searched and how the popular it is. Here, you need to remember that the entered phrases should be in lower-case letters even if the phrase constitutes names also. You can play the Google Feud with teams where you can find the winning team who will be gotten highest score points by counting the score after completion of every round.

When you start the Google-Feud game, it asks you to select one of the categories such as people, culture, questions, and names. For example, if you select culture option, the Google Feud shows you to fill the blank as in Google auto-complete search that is Penguins are.....? Here, you need to guess what is the most popular searched phrase in the Google and the second most searched phrase is birds. If you enter birds as a phrase, you will get 9,000 points and likewise, you just guess the phrases to get the more score. The Google Feud game bounds you to become your favorite once you try the game. The game uses API that poses real questions to you and results directly from the Google auto-complete. Sometimes, the answers are illuminating you as well as depressing you also. 

It was created by Justin Hook who is an internet enthusiast and writer and the game concept is adopts the Family Feud where you can guess the most popular answers to complete a sentence like pick a name or answer a common question. But, the game utilizes Google's autocomplete suggestions and you might not guess what the people used most searched phrase for a specific question. Another note is that google feud game is not affiliated with Google or Family Feud. Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc and Family Feud is a registered trademark of Fremantle Media North America Inc. Check out answers to find the exactly functionality how it is designed.

If you want to play the game, you need to visit the online website i.e. in which you can directly view the play game button ,you can also download app and install on your smartphone. You can click that button and start the game to gain more points and it is an addictive game when you once tried it. If you will be gained highest scores, you can get the webby awards which sponsor the person who invented the online game. In the year of 2016, Google Feud creator Justin Hook received an award from Webby for his best online game. If you love trivia games, you will definitely like this game GoogleFeud in which you just try to auto-complete the searches to earn more points. For your convenience, Google Feud launched its app to get easier access and you can download it from the web browser. Using your mobile also, you can play this Google-Feud game by guessing the answers to Google auto-complete searches. Interestingly game can be enjoyed on online version as well as on application

In addition to this online game of Google Feud, you can find other online games such as Hine Blocks, Great Drift Auto, Soccer Physics, Mario Shoot Zombies, Happy Wheels, Angry Birds, World Goo, Frog Love Candy etc.The online games are available in various kinds such as online car games, online shooting games, online games for girls, online games for boys, multiplayer online games, online games for kids, etc. In order to play these games, different websites are available to you and the most popular website is where you can get all online games for free. Multiplayer games can be played with friends also and it is more interesting for everyone to compete other persons. Many games were created to entertain the people and you can play based on your interest for enjoying the day if you don't have any works. Hack the game using cheats

Google Feud How to Play

Google Feud implements same concept as similar as the Family Feud where you guess the most popular responses for questions but it uses Google's autocomplete search suggestions. In this game, you're required to expect the answer which most of the people search for. As you play the game, you need to fill the correct phrase for shown questions on For example, if you get a question like "How do I get a" wherein you're required to complete the phrase using most common Google's search suggestions. You can try a job or money or happiness but the common responses are bed bugs, pink eye, or scabies and so on.

In this game, you can view four categories which included people, culture, questions, and names. While playing a game, you need to guess all 10 answers correctly before three strikes to win. You may think it's easy but you would be known what people really search on Google. Through this game, you can test your knowledge and how you will be guesstimate. If you want to participate in a competition, you can play this game with your friends and get to know who is the search engine expert. In addition to these, you can learn the skills of search engine by playing Google Feud game through online website. 

Based on selection of your category whether people, questions, names, or culture, you need to type the end of a query and click the enter button. Otherwise, you can go for Google's autocomplete suggestions to know what most of the people search for. For suppose, if you have chosen questions category, it may show you some different questions like Obama is from? Everyone guess the answer as Kenya and it is correct answer but you scores only 6. Other Google's autocomplete suggestions for this question are outer space, which African country, which country in Africa, and Africa. You need to guess the answers within three strikes to come. 

Sometimes answers are illuminating and suppressing. Certain results of this game may be offensive and incomprehensible. This web game works based on Google API and results are pulled from Google's autocomplete responses for your questions. It's not possible to guess top most popular 10 responses for shown question on You can set your own rules in this wonderful and funny trivia game and take turns in guessing. In order to gain more fun and randomness of the game, you better not to use Google Search engine to know the answers and try to guess the top search answers for the queries. 

You can consider mobile app for more easier and convenient way of playing the game. It is available for Android and iPhone users at Google Play store and App Store respectively. It is not endorsed or affiliated with Family Feud or Google and it is registered with Google Inc.

Online Game

Generally, an online game is a video game which is played through the internet or computer network and these are ubiquitous on modern gaming platforms subsuming PC's, laptops, Mobile devices. The popular online games are massively multiplayer online role-playing games based on span many genres and first-person shooters. Basically, the designs of online games start from simple text environment to complex graphics and virtual world. The online game features prominence within a game that includes minor features like online leaderboard, core gameplay and including of other players. Predominantly, the online game creates their own communities especially the social games involves the real-time existing communities. Relevantly, online games should be definitely attracted the persons according to their age, occupations, and nationalities. Sometimes, it faces the criticisms like Cyberbullying, Xenophobia, and violence, etc. Online games having a problem that not being permanently playable from laptop or desktop owing to they need a server to operate the functions existed in the online game. 

Mostly, the online games were eminent by male candidates and other persons are somewhat accurate. The recent statistics of gaming culture diminish the male domination, of course, the male online gamers still dominates the female across the global countries. The recent report online game market forecasts the revenue that it will be reached to $35 billion by 2017 from worldwide and it will be increased when compared to the year of 2011 in which the revenue was $19 billion. Different types of online games are existed such as first person shooter game, real time strategy game, multiplayer online battle arena game, massively multiplayer online game, browser games etc. 

First-Person Shooter Game: Online games originated to move from a wide variety of LAN protocols and internet using TCP/IP protocols during 1990's. Later, Deathmatch concept was evolved where multiple players battle each other and it is a new form of online game. Many first person shooters contain online components to consider deathmatch or arena play. The first person shooter games more popular as becoming widespread in the world and those games are counter-strike, advanced warfare, unreal tournament, halo, call of duty, etc. The expansion of shooter games occurred in 2016 when many developers released the multiplayer online games like Overwatch and Battleborn.

Real-time Strategy Game: This type of games allows you to play the game over modem or local network and it supports the players from the world to play with each other. The most popular online RTS games are Age of Empires, StarCraft, Sins of a Solar Empire, Dawn of War, etc. 
Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game: In 2010, the multiplayer online battle arena game was gained popularity as a form of electronic sports and encompassing games and this type is referred to the subgenre of strategy online games. The Multiplayer online battle arena game subsumes different types such as WarCraft-3, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Smite and League of Legends. 
Massively Multiplier Online Game: It is possible with the growth of broadband internet access mostly in developed countries. Based on that, you can play with the teams because of internet access using massively multiplier online games which are available in many different styles as follows:
  • Massively Multiplier Online Real-time Strategy
  • Massively Multiplier Online Role-playing game
  • Massively Multiplier Online First-Person Shooter.
  • Massively Multiplier Online Social game.
Console Game and Cross Platform: Primarily, the console used a system link in which players can connect the two consoles through ethernet connection or for more players it manages with the router. Later, console game fully supports online gaming with Wii U console. 
Browser Games: The browsers became more sophisticated and the people are starting the web browsers to play the games. These web browser games developed by the Html and Html scripting languages like JavaScript, ASP,, MySQL and PHP. These web browser games are known as Flash games or Java games related to their technologies of Flash and Java. Amongst the younger generation of online gamers, web browser games are more popular like Neopet. In recent days, web browser games use the technology as Ajax to create more complicated multiplayer interactions and WebGL to improve hardware-accelerated 3D graphics where there is no need of plugins. 

Governance of Online Game:

You must agree to the governance of online game i.e. End-User License Agreement while installing the game or to get updates of the online game. This end-user license agreement is a legal contract between producer and distributor and the reason for agreement is that it prevents from hacking, copying and redistributing the online game. If you breach the agreement, the company automatically block you or terminate you from the game with warnings and it has the right to terminate you from the use of game without warnings. The online games support the in-game feature which allows the discussions among players, developers, professional observers and gaming companies for developing tools which discourage the anti-social behavior. Recent governance of gaming require all video games in order to hold a rating label which was established by Entertainment Software Rating Board. According to this board, you can consider a scale from E which is suitable for both children and adults, M is for the persons whose age is above 17 and AO scaled online games only for adults whose age is more than 18.