Google Feud Game

Google Feud is a web based game which adapts the concept of Family Feud wherein you need to predict the answers for incomplete sentences or questions. That's the reason some people Google Feud is referred as Family Feud and you have to notice one point relevant to Google Feud game that it is neither the creation of Google nor affiliated with Family Feud. The Google Feud is developed by John Hook who is a freelancer writer and it is based on the Google API due to that the answers are pulled from the Google autocomplete suggestions. If you start this game on your computer, you can play the game as many hours as you like and it is so interesting to guess the answers.

It will make you learn the unknown phrases that you won't expect the searched terms that anybody looking for in the Google. By playing the Google Feud game, you can optimize your website for one of the top Google rankings based on the searched phrases. The game is suitable for only the people who stand satire and it can help you to think out of box thinking.
How to Play the Google Feud Game

The game is suitable for the age group ranging from kids to adults and Google Feud is designed on the simple interface which utilizes Google autocomplete searchings. If you see the instructions for the Google Feud game, you think surely it is so simple but while playing surely you will be realized that it's so quite tough to predict the answers as Google autocomplete suggestions. Initially, you need to choose the one section before start the game in which four categories are available such as people, culture, names, and questions. Then, the interface of Google Feud game shows you the incomplete sentence and you have to complete it with guessing the answer.

When you click the culture section, the simple interface reveals you that Penguins are....? and you need to guess the answer. For everyone, it comes to mind that birds and it is the correct answer but it was in second position the most searched phrase. So, you will be scored 9,000 and if you guess the first most searched term as you will get 10,000 points. In order to earn as many points while playing the Google Feud game, you have to think about the phrases instead of searching on the internet because it might not prompt you accurate answers.

The Google Feud game gives you the three chances to predict the correct answer and if you are not able to predict in three times, it will show the red cross mark that means you have failed. Finally, it adds the points and shows you the total score. If you love this game more, you can install in your Android mobile also due to the Google Feud game compatible with mobile devices like Apple, Samsung, and other Android mobile devices. You can download it from the official website of and not possible to download from Google store due to some reasons. After completion of installation of Google Feud game on your mobile, you can play the Google Feud game with endless fun.