Google Feud On Scratch

Google Feud On Scratch

Google Feud On Scratch is an online game from which users can know how Google auto completes the given phrases while playing google feud with their friends or individually. In this game edition, you can gain the points based on how popular the answer is searched and the more popular your answer is. Accordingly, you can get more points like 1 = 10,000 points, 2= 9000 points, 3= 8000 points, 4= 7000 points, 5= 6000 points, and 6= 5000 points. You make sure that the answers should be in lower case letters but not in upper case letters. If you are playing with your friends or in group, try to get as many points as possible. If you're playing as a team, you can take turns playing rounds and count the points for every accomplished round of a play.

Notes and Credits

You make a note that double click the green flag when starting or restarting the game. If it fails to load the answer bar on the bottom during a round, you need to click uparrow button in order to end the round so that you don't have to resume the game again. This scratch edition was inspired from Google Feud game and it is constantly updated and overall way is better. Additionally, it has only 40 possible phrases only and it will increment the phrases in future. You can start making projects in scratch based on online tutorial or downloading the PDF guide to know more tips to play the Google Feud on Scratch. For each activity, you can try the tutorial and download a set of activity cards or view the Educator Guide. It included different cards such as animate a name, make it fly, hide and seek, fashion game, race to the finish, pong game, let's dance, virtual pet, catch game, create a story, and make music.

In the animate a name, you can animate the letters of initials, your user name, or favorite word. You can find out how to make this project using a step-by-step tutorial in scratch and explore the new coding ideas by using the set of illustrated cards that you can print out. The educator guide is also very helpful to you in order to plan and lead a one-hour scratch workshop. You can also play music by choosing instruments, add sounds, and press the keys. However, you can consider activity cards which can help you to gain new coding ideas.

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